Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brak's Bad Day

Today, Brak had his monthly bath. I like to bath him and then apply his 4 weekly flea treatment, Frontline. Then he gets a deworming pill, and he hates the whole process. He makes his misery crystal clear.

I went to the supermarket this evening. I prefer to shop at night because there is hardly anyone there so its much less stressful. We came back, and as I always do, I let him off the lead to do what he has to do while I am getting the shopping bags off the Beast and covering it up. Then I suddenly felt a tension in the air and looked around. There was a large white Pitbull roaming free and approaching us with aggression. As you know, Brak has been attacked before and barely escaped with his life, so I got a terrible fright. I shouted at the dog and ran at it, and he went off to the next garden but he was still looking at us aggressively and it looked as if he was wanting to come back and attack Brak or me. I hurriedly opened the door and I can tell you that I have never seen that dog go inside so fast. It was such a relief to shut that door!

The stories of his last attack are HERE and HERE and  HERE

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