Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poor little Wendy

When is the poor kid going to get a break?  She had a cold, then the Winter Vomiting Virus, then another heavy cold then an ear infection.  Over last weekend she seemed to pick up bit but she woke her parents up early on Monday morning complaining there was sand in her eye.  They saw at once she was very ill so Caelyn made a Dr appointment for her.  Her temperature was sky high and she looked ill.  We have never seen her like that before.

My mother takes Teresa Jayne to toddler group on Mondays and when she arrived to pick her up, she saw how ill Wendy was, so she said she would cut Toddlers short so that she could drive them to the Dr.  The Dr said Wendy has influenza.  We don't know if its Swine 'Flu or another sort, but she has been in a bad way.  Its Thursday now and she is still feverish, lethargic and ill.  My mother says she doesn't think she will be ready for school on Monday, then later Caelyn said the same thing.

I'm inclined to agree.  She has had a series of viruses and infections. Plus she has just started school and 08.30 to 15.00 is a heck of a long day for a 4yr old.  I know 'tonics' have gone out of fashion, but I'm going to get that child a children's multivitamin and mineral syrup to build her up.  Half term is on Thursday and they have a week off for that.  If Wendy stayed at home, rested as needed and took her tonic and went back to school after half term, I think it would help her health gain a lot of ground.  If she was feeling better she would learn more easily, in my opinion.

Thats not to say she isn't already doing well.  She is.  And her mum reads with her and plays numeracy games with her at home, so she shouldn't get too far behind.  Caelyn works in the school and class Wendy is in so she knows what they are being taught, and Caelyn is very conscientious with Wendy's homework.

Caelyn and Teresa Jayne in Burger King on Sunday.  Both kids were fine then.

This is the child who was so ill on Monday morning and who is still ill and feverish on Thursday night

With dear Sean, her de facto grandfather

It was a lovely time on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Caelyn is coming to the end of her college course and has done most of her assignments.  Her portfolio is so neat and well done it is being sent to two external verifiers.  She is doing very well, and I don't know how she does it.  She has had two sick children to look after, plus her normal household duties, plus College and her assignments, plus her work placement in the local school.  She is tired, of course, but she is pushing on.  I wish her well, but hope she doesn't push herself so much that she collapses in exhaustion.

A rotten thing happened to Michelle.  She went for an interview, and the people said they would call her later in the day after they had seen the other candidates to tell her whether she has the job.  The called at 16.45 and offered her £1300 extra per annum, plus help with further studies, plus a pension scheme and a private medical and dental insurance scheme.  Caelyn and I heard that part of the conversation as we were on our way out to town for some shopping.  We were very excited.  When we got back, Michelle was very upset.  They had phoned back just after we left to say they had decided to offer the post to another applicant, but they could offer to put her on relief Staff. Why build her hopes up like that?  Unprofessional scuzzballs!!

Still, Michelle doesn't let disappointment stop her entering into the spirit of things.   She and Wendy have a great relationship and have a lot of fun together as you can see in this very silly picture:

Teresa Jayne 
She organises everyone.  She rounds people up, hands them all their belongings like coats, shoes, handbags, her own nappy bag etc and shepherds them out of the door.  Caelyn says she is like a Drill Sergeant in the mornings.  She is very authoritative too, saying STOP very firmly, holding her hand up in the 'stop' position.  She doesn't like anyone having anyone else's things.  If Wendy is looking at my phone, Teresa takes it off her with a little scolding, and brings it to me and makes sure I take it.

She organises the dogs, puts their leads on, gives them food, and tells them off if they are doing something they shouldn't, such as chewing up something left on the floor.  She loves order, and things done properly.

She is such a strong willed organiser and she's not yet two years old!  There is a great aunt in the family that I suspect she takes after.


Benny has had diarrhoea all week.  I think it was due to a dodgy kebab he found in the park before I could stop him.  I starved him for 12 hours, then gave him raw beaten egg with probiotics, and today I saw his stool is formed but soft, so he had chicken and rice.  I will keep him on that for a couple of days until he is over this nasty upset.  He and Abbey had a great time in Radnor Park on Tuesday.


Benny Update
He seemed to be OK with chicken and rice and he had a formed soft stool last evening.  But in the early hours he had foul smelling diarrhoea.  The fur by his rear end was stained so I cleaned it with a wet wipe.  It was as I feared.  Fresh blood.  Therefore it would be low down in the digestive tract rather than a bleed higher up in the gut.  There is no choice - he has to go to the Vet today.

His nose is cold and wet.  His eyes are bright.  He runs off with my slippers, is hungry and scrounging for food.  He's drinking and wanting to go out for walks.  I know he is ill but he isn't behaving like a sick dog.  How the Vet is going to decide the best way to treat him is anybody's guess. He can't go on like this. I kept the blood stained wet wipe to show the Vet.  Sounds gross, but it will be diagnostically helpful. Poor little chap.

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