Saturday, February 05, 2011

Baking with a little help from the Littles

Today Wendy asked to bake with me.  In rushed Teresa Jayne demanding an apron.  Then she got on the stool and took her wooden spoon in hand and joined in the mixing of the cheese puffs. She's not even 2yrs old yet, but she makes her meaning abundantly clear.  She was going to join in, and that was that!  Caelyn took over the supervising bit and they had a lot of fun in spite of the fact that they are both on antibiotics for ear infections.  They were well dosed up and they were no longer as miserable as they had been.

Here is Teresa Jayne on her step stool

Here they are, all three of them having fun

Some of it is getting into the baking tray

Here is Wendy with the finished product - cheese puffs.  They tasted good too.

Those kids have had this awful winter diarrhoea bug, plus colds and bad chests, followed by ear infections.   It has been a long, hard winter for them. The antibiotics seem to be doing the trick though.

Before Christmas Caelyn's boiler packed up so they had no hot water and no heating.  The pump leaked into the electricity board so most of their plugs didn't work either. The boiler repair man couldn't come because the weather was too severe then, so they all came to stay at my house.  It was a tight squeeze, but how could I let them live in an unheated house in temperatures of minus 10?   Luckily I have a friend, Marion, who lives close by.  She let me sleep in her spare room, for which I am very grateful.  The snow was awful and if they had stayed there they would have been snowed in as the village gets cut off during freezing conditions. The road to get there is very steep and the cars just can't cope, coming up or going down.

Caelyn and her friend Kelly took a sled and walked to Folkestone (took 2 hours) to get some food for some elderly neighbours who were completely housebound.  Then it took another two hours to get back home, dragging the sled laden with shopping, and they were frozen. In that village, people look out for each other.

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