Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ryan Nortier died this morning

When we were in South Africa, we were friends with the Nortier family. Our children were much the same age. Michelle was close to the older boy, Adrian, while Caelyn played with Ryan, who was a bit younger than she was.

On Saturday 11 December at about 5pm, Ryan was in a car accident. He was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands. Despite all efforts by a top medical team, and many prayers from all over the world, Ryan died at 10h44 this morning. He was 23 years old. He leaves his widowed mum, Trish, and his older brothers Steven and Adrian.

I last saw him when he was in primary school. He was a happy little chap who had a 'rat tail' in his hair (a very tiny, thin pony tail). His brown eyes sparkled with mischief and as they had a swimming pool, he was always tanned golden.

It feels so wrong that such a promising young life should be snuffed out so young. And we will never know why. The only time Jesus wept in his public ministry (I'm not counting the Garden of Gethsemane) was when Martha came running to him, weeping that her brother Lazarus had died and that if only Jesus had come sooner, it wouldn't have happened. That is when He wept - because he hurt with her and he minded that she was suffering such sorrow. I don't see Him as "out there somewhere". I see Him among us still, sharing our joys and our sorrows.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, He was in such agony of mind that He wept, sweating and praying "Father, take this Cup away from me. But not My Will but Thine be done" He was alone there in His agony - the disciples were asleep. We go through our agonies too, but the difference is that we are never left to suffer it all on our own. He is there with us, alongside us, suffering with us and if we allow Him, comforting us.

And God the Father had to watch as His Son died. The fact that there was sudden darkness and earthquakes say to me that the Father suffered too. He is no stranger to suffering either. And after Jesus went back to heaven, the Holy Spirit was sent to us, and one of His names is the Comforter, the One who comes alongside to help.

We have a God who isn't made of wood or stone; He is a living God who cares about His people. Ryan is in safe hands.

There is a Facebook Page for him called Pray for Ryan Nortier, and this is the account of his Last Days, written by his brother Adrian:

The Story so far

After his accident on Saturday afternoon Ryan was taken to Vincent Pallotti Hospital. He was conscious and able to talk, but confused. In the trauma room they ascertained two broken femurs and "a nasty bump to the head" but otherwise satisfied with his condition, CT scan showed no major damage. While waiting in the trauma room to go to ICU/ Surgery one of his lungs collapsed, they had to put him on a ventilator, which they only expected to stay in place until surgery was completed. He was transferred to ICU late Saturday night.

He went into surgery on Sunday morning. Pins were inserted in his left leg to repair the break. Ryan's condition became unstable during the operation, he lost blood pressure and had to be given a very high dose of adrenaline to raise the blood pressure. The anaesthetist made the decision to stop surgery because he felt it was too dangerous to continue.

Once he was returned to the ICU he almost went into cardiac arrest. The anaesthetist informed us that he had gone into a coma during the operation. All pain medication was stopped to try and 'force' the brain to react to the pain. His pupils are dilated and fixed showing a deep coma.

On Monday morning another CT scan was done showing massive swelling of the brain, this is believed to be the cause of the coma.

He is still on adrenaline to keep his heart and blood pressure up, fully ventilated and is non responsive.

We are standing in faith for a fully recovery.

Wednesday and Thursday morning he has been running a slight temperature, and wet cloths are being used on his forehead to cool him, blood saturation is a little low at 87% and he has been using a nebuliser on and off to correct that during the night. His blood pressure is more stable and the amount of adrenaline he has been on is increased slightly.

Minor changes. We continue to pray and thank you for your prayers.

at 6.45 this morning (Thursday) Ryan had a mucus block which prevented his lungs from receiving oxygen and distributing it through the body, causing his saturation levels to drop and his blood pressure. He has been returned to his 'normal' condition, however his blood pressure remains at 94/50 which is low. Today we are praying hard and want to try have someone in the room with him all the time.

At 10.44am this morning Ryan passed away.

Rest in Peace, Ryan.  Your passing has left a hole in this world and you will be missed.  And may God comfort those left behind.  


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