Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better stock up now

The weather is bad and getting worse. I quote from today's paper:

"And the second Big Freeze of this winter, due to start this week, is likely to last for as long as a month, putting the country on course for a winter which could be even colder than the notoriously treacherous 1962-63.

‘It is looking most likely in the north-east, the east and south-east part of the country and in Scotland,’ he said.

According to the Met Office, the Big Freeze’s second wave will last for another month, until around January 9.

By Thursday this week parts of Scotland will see up to six inches of snow, while coastal areas of England in the west could see four inches, forecasters say. Ice is likely to cause chaos for commuters on Friday morning as rain freezes overnight.

Unlike during the first cold spell, this week’s snow will be accompanied by winds from the North Pole of up to 50mph, which could build giant snowdrifts.

High winds will buffet the North on Wednesday, and the whole country on Thursday, with temperatures plummeting towards -15c (5f) before more snow next week heading towards Christmas.

As the weather turns colder again, families must wait to see if presents bought on the internet will arrive in time for Christmas Day."

See the article HERE

Better get in flour, butter, longlife milk, toilet paper, cat food etc now while we still can.

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