Sunday, November 28, 2010

Delayed Grieving

As you know, our old dog Brakkie was put to sleep in June 2010. We miss him, and I'm glad we have Benny now. At first, it looked odd with Benny having four legs because we were so used to Brakkie having only three. Benny is such a sweet natured little chap and he is playful and lovable.

The problem is Wendy. She and Brakkie had a very close bond, right from her birth. She has been crying for him. I think she thought he was on holiday or something and that he would come back. She started by saying that she misses Brakkie, but last week she was almost hysterical with crying for him. She thinks Jesus has had him long enough and should give him back because Brakkie is her friend! Her mum couldn't calm her down so she had to phone me to get me to talk to Wendy about it.

She had been slightly aloof with Benny. I told her we all miss Brakkie and that dogs don't live as long as people do and that we are very sad that he has gone and can't come back. That he was very old and very sick and that he couldn't look after her any more so he sent his little brother Benny to be her friend. I printed some photos for her to put in her bedroom and told her that we will never forget what a good friend he was to her and to all of us.

Last time she was here, she made a point of playing with Benny. But we must watch her, as our little girl has a very tender heart.


And here she is having a Morning cuppa with her granny
She is completely adorable, and is doing very well in school.

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