Saturday, November 27, 2010

Folkestone's First Snow of the Season

We have had our first snow of the season. Not very much of it, but it is snow all right. What is worse is the icy wind blowing. Brrr!! Benny asks to go out and he wants to play but when we are out, he walks for a bit, sniffs all the lamp posts, does his business then wants to hop on the scooter again. I think his paws get cold. I took him over to play with Abbey yesterday and it was a relief for both of them. Having a dog and M.E is a challenge at the best of times, but in this weather - oh dear! Why can't they learn to use a litterbox like a nice, sensible cat?


Caelyn and Nigel's car battery has packed up, and they are less than delighted. Caelyn had to have a Root Canal at the dentist today and Nigel was supposed to look after the kids. But he didn't turn up so she had to take them with her and phone my mum to come and get them. It transpired that the battery had let him down and my mum rescued him too. The family would probably grind to a halt without her. Thank God for mothers!

Read an article about the weather predicted for the next two weeks HERE

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