Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wendy goes to school by Sled

Hawkinge is high up and a lot colder than we are here in Folkestone. Their snow is always deeper and much longer lasting. The only way to get Wendy to school this week has been by sled. Thats rather fun for Wendy, but not so much fun for her Mum pulling the sled. Then you have to factor Teresa Jayne in. She can't be left alone at home so she has to go out too, and she is asthmatic and currently has a chest infection. The journey is at least half an hour there, and another half hour back again. Then the whole process is repeated at the end of the school day. I had never thought about that problem before. Today Wendy was bundled up tight in many layers but the bit of her face that was showing around her Balaclava was blue with cold. It freaked Caelyn out when she began complaining of being hot because that can be a sign of hypothermia, so she made Wendy sing.

But it has just snowed a lot more. The main road into the village, Spitfire Way, has been closed by Police. The motorway coastbound from Ashford has been closed, as have the B20 into Hythe, Military Rd, Sandgate Hill and Radnor Cliff Crescent, so Nigel won't get to work tomorrow. The shops have run out of bread and milk. A train broke down between Orpington and Sevenoaks last night, and people were stuck on it for 10 hours. There was no electricity so the toilet door wouldn't open. A young diabetic had a hypoglycaemic attack and fellow passengers had to find stuff with calories to keep her going.

My scooter is snowed in so I'm stuck in at home, so I'm glad we have provisions that will last a while. Benny is fascinated by the snow. He made Michelle laugh by picking up pieces of ice and carrying them in his mouth then looking confused when it melted.

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