Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday - and some Good News

This week has been an anxiety filled one.  Sean had a suspicious lump, and saw the surgeon on Friday, who operated using local anaesthetic there and then.  And we are so relieved and grateful that the lump was not sinister.  All the same, we had had to think through the "what ifs" and evaluate our lives and relationships to people in them.  We were both emotionally wrung out and I needed extra sleep.  Sean was exhausted too.  

Stephen had sent a beautiful and thoughtful email that meant a lot to Sean, and he was blessed by it and will reply soon.

He had been especially moved with Michelle's supportive and loving response.  We are taking Caelyn and Family for a celebratory lunch at the Cat and Custard Pot today.  Michelle can't come as she is in Surrey and my Mum had a prior engagement with one of her friends. 

And - Caelyn has a new mobile number.  Well, two of them.  Her main number is a sim only contract with O2.  She gets 700 minutes, 1400 texts and the choice of one Bolt On, and she chose 200 extra voice minutes.  Its a very good deal for £20 per month.  Details HERE.  Until recently, the O2 signal in Hawkinge has been very poor, so she had had to change to Vodafone.  The O2 number will be her main phone, but she is keeping a Vodafone Pay as you Go to make expensive calls.

 When Wendy and Teresa were ill, she had had to make calls to medical services like the GP, NHS Direct and the After Hours Doctors.  As they have 0845 non-geographic numbers, those charges came to £74 and Vodafone wanted her to pay up ASAP.  She had budgeted her normal amount of £20 and getting an unexpected bill for £100 was a horrible shock.  If you use a PAYG phone, you can't get a nasty surprise like that, because when the money is gone, the phone just stops working.   Nigel bought her a new phone as a Christmas and Birthday combined gift and it came with a Vodafone Pay as you Go Sim card, so she also has a new Vodafone number.  The old Vodafone number that she had her contract on has been retired.  The people who need these numbers will be given them. 

I'm off to clean up the kitchen and then plan to bath so I will be ready when Sean picks me up for lunch.  We thank everyone who has been so supportive and kind during this health scare.  It has been very much appreciated, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU!

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