Friday, December 04, 2009

Vodafone? Phones and Calls.

Vodafone emailed me on 1 December to say that my new sim card for my 30 Day Sim Only Contract would be with me very soon.  I'll paste what they said below:

Your order will be
with you soon

Hello Teresa Susan

We’re just writing to update you on your recent order from us.

Your credit check went smoothly so you can expect your delivery soon. We’ll email you to let you know when it has been despatched.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please visit our online Help Centre. Take a look now Or call 08700 770020 to speak to one of our advisors.

Best wishes,

Team Vodafone

Well, that seems clear enough.  But I've had no email nor a delivery.  I'm down to my last 30p on my O2 number that is being ported to Vodafone, and I don't want to have to top up just for a few days, as the minimum O2 top up is £10.  I was happy with O2, and things were very affordable with them while the family were with O2.  They do brilliant on-network and landline tariffs, but calling off-network is exorbitant.  I was charged more than £3 for a 4 minute call to my mum's new network the other day, and that is what decided me to change.  

600 minutes to any UK landline or mobile phone, plus unlimited texts, plus unlimited mobile Internet is a good deal for £20 per month.  I hardly ever talk on the phone as it is too difficult to understand what someone is saying when my health is 'down' as it is at the moment.  And if I'm distracted, not only can I have trouble comprehending what someone is saying, but my words get muddled and I can't say (or think) what I ought to say.  I function best in texts and emails.  

Sometimes companies insist on having my landline number and I give it to them to keep them happy, but in fact, the line is exclusively used for the Internet.  I'm not even sure if I have a handset to plug in if I wanted to.  Its no use telling people not to ring; they always think their matter is exceptional and urgent.  But as I run my life myself, and I pay for the phone line for MY convenience, I think its only right that I stay in control of who can interrupt my life with their petty urgencies.  Do I want to burn the dinner because someone wants to know about my soffits and fascias?  No.  Do I want to get out of the bath and stand there dripping while someone wants to find out about a book club or coursework?  No.  Do I want to be woken up when I am sleeping because I am ill because someone else thinks that their matter is crucial?  No.  So - no handset to the landline.  Simple as that.  They can write or email or text.

Talking of texting and phone handsets, my Nokia E66 arrived today.  I got it second hand on eBay and I'm delighted.  From the description and the price, I expected a working phone with cosmetic damage.  What I got was a very nice looking phone indeed.  Its got a very solid, classy feel about it.  Its elegant but best of all, its a Symbian 60 operating system and it works brilliantly.  I was able to transfer everything from my old Symbian 40 to the E66 by means of a wizard.  I haven't had time to get to know it properly yet, but so far, it has exceeded expectations.  I love the elegance and the feel of it, and the smooth functionality.  

I've only ever had Nokia mobiles and they have a great feature.  You can put people in 'groups' and set your phone to be alert to those groups only.  They won't even ring if someone not on the list tries to call.  I always prioritise my family and the phone is never off to them.  My close friends know when I'm ill and can't talk and as they understand, they don't get upset.  And the people I care about the most - my family and friends - are welcome by virtue of relationship.  The brazenly demanding shrill hoi polloi can have the landline number.  Without the handset!!

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