Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My Mobile Phone

The number that ends 009 was my O2 number.  It is an easy one to remember and all my friends have got this number.  

I also had a Vodafone Pay As You Go, with a number I have never got into my head.  When I was checking my acount package on Vodafone, I looked at their tariffs.  I have had my O2 number transferred to Vodafone, because its a nice number.

The deal I'm getting from Vodafone is a Sim Card Only 30 day contract.  I will get 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet for £20 a month.  If I had signed up for 12 months, I would have got 900 minutes but I never talk that long and I don't want to be tied to a 12 month contract.  Read about the deal HERE if you are interested.

I'm sorry to be leaving O2.  It was great while family and friends were on it, but Caelyn uses Vodafone because there is no O2 signal at her house.  Mum is on TalkMobile now and phoning those numbers from an O2 mobile was 40p per minute, which was not affordable.  I got fed up with carrying two phones around with me.  

I think I will buy an O2 PAYG sim card to use on an old handset when I want to text people overseas or call them through Dial to Save.  And I will keep my old Vodafone PAYG number for when Sean and I go to France, because it is a great deal cheaper, and I'm scared of "Roaming Charges".  If you are PAYG, you can't run up a scary bill. When your money runs out, the phone stops working, except for calls to the Emergency Services.   I've heard of people getting horrific bills after taking their contract phone to Europe or elsewhere.  For me, PAYG is the only way to do it!

So why have I told you all this?  Just because your mobile provider may charge a different tariff when you call a Vodafone number compared to calling an O2 number.  I'm in a transition phase now - still on O2 but will be transferred to Vodafone soon.  I will post here when the change has taken place.

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