Friday, December 04, 2009

Talking of Black Sheep

Talking of Black Sheep, our Michelle is coming home this weekend for her mate Alice's party. Or so Richard tells me. He also said she has found the last week quite stressful.

My mum is stressed because of her cardiac problems.

Caelyn is stressed as she is in the middle of a house move, her kidneys are being bothersome and her children have viral infections and are extra demanding just when their parents don't really need it.

Melanie has moved Luke and Wesley into a flat, Thomas into University Res, herself and Peter to Waiheke Island and a whole lot of other stuff and she is exhausted and has a kidney infection so she feels rough.

Brother Stephen is recovering from spinal surgery in Australia. I think his back will heal up long before his finances will - they pay for medical treatment over there.

Brother Paul in South Africa has sold his house and bought a new one so they are having the upheaval of a move. They still have kids writing exams too.

Sean has just moved out of the town office and into part of his house which will now serve as an office.

After that long litany, who is actually OK? Truth? All of us. We may be ill and in the middle of upheaval but in fact in spite of it all, we really are OK.

I love Susan Stone's writings. She has / had an extraordinary gift of spiritual poetry. She wrote when she was terminally ill and its poignant to look at her works now. I'll post one here because I think its beautiful, and its about all of us.

Lord, when I least expect it,
you breathe hope into my heart,
like sight restored
to a man lost in blindness' night,
like the mystery of an empty tomb
and a gentle word to a grieving woman.
How often, in my grief,
and in my sorrow,
and in my feeling lost,
I turn around and see you there smiling.
O Master of all my tomorrows,
O Keeper of my today,
O Light Eternal,
You are my hope,
and I can only, amazingly, thank you.

Susan E. Stone, 2007 

And doesn't this one explain a lot?

Fire from above,
fire that burns the chaff away,
fire that refines the rough ore into shining metal,
fire that transforms darkness into light,
Power of the living God,
falling from heaven to consume the sinful city,
falling from heaven to totally consume Elijah's offering,
falling like tongues of fire and a roaring wind
to kindle in those gathered the fire of your love,
Breath of God transforming the world
touching our lives anew,
each day a new Pentecost
to those who welcome you.

Breathe in us, Holy Spirit,
and let us be transformed
by the power of your touch
by the power of your love
into children of the living God,
willing tools for you to use
as you renew the face of the earth.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

Susan Stone's Blog, which is still on the Web, is called Catholic Meditations. 

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