Monday, December 14, 2009

Mobile Phone Suppliers AGAIN!

In these posts, I told about my mobile phone services: and

I waited and waited for my Vodafone sim card, but it didn't arrive. Eventually, I emailed them to ask where it was, and I got a reply saying that as it was an Online Order, I would have to phone an 087 number (which is very expensive) and was told that the contract had been cancelled, due to my wanting to port my number from O2 to Vodafone. No one thought to tell me it had been cancelled.

So the lady tried to put me through to the Sales Team, and I got a recording saying "sorry. This number is not in use". So I spent half an hour lost in the maze of an automated service, never once connecting with a human being, getting more wound up by the minute. I don't generally talk on the phone because it gives me cognitive problems. Talking on the phone is very stressful for me, which is why I prefer to text or email.

So then it was back to the expensive 087 number. When a man eventually answered, I asked for his email address to send all the correspondence because I didn't want to spend another hour on the phone. That didn't work. Instead, I was put through to another (wrong) department. After a lot of hassle, someone said they would ring me back. They did in the end, but I said it was a bad omen to have so much go wrong before even starting the contract, that I wanted to cancel it.

Two more people then phoned to ask me to change my mind, and one of them offered to give me his direct line number and his email number and discounts as 'compensation'. But I was quite sure by then that Vodafone was not for me. I phoned O2, and they have given me a 30 Day Sim Only Contract with 600 minutes, 1200 texts and unlimited Mobile Internet for £19.58 a month. It is all in place, and I have kept my O2 number (the one that ends in 009) so my friends won't have to learn a new number. And I have no more hassles, thank Goodness.

I won't even think of moving to another company any more.  My nerves just aren't up to it.

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