Friday, October 09, 2009

Great News

Sean has been hurt and upset because someone, Mr S, complained about him to the Law Society. The complaints were made by a retired solicitor who made such bizarre accusations that they were ludicrous. For instance – Sean uses the wrong colour paper for his official letters and he put his qualifications on his business card. The more serious allegation was that Sean was aiding and abetting clients in a tax fiddle.

Sean was sent a copy of the complaint, which he answered. People who know Sean know that those allegations are ridiculous. Before he can be licensed to practice for another year, a professional Chartered Accountant has to certify that that the Practice's books have been examined and that there are no irregularities. Sean replied to the Law Society giving his side of the story and expected his reply to be sent to Mr S, who would reply to it and send it back to the Law Society, who would copy it back to Sean for his comments etc, and it could have dragged on for months.

Sean posted his reply to the Law Society on Tuesday and today he had a letter from them clearing him completely. It was obvious that the complaint was absurd and Sean's reply must have helped them see that, otherwise the matter wouldn't have been dealt with so smartly.

I am very glad of this outcome because it was upsetting for Sean. Mr S is obviously a fruitcake, and probably a malicious fruitcake at that. We heard that he had been very ill recently, so our hearts have softened towards him. Still, we don't want to hear of him slandering Sean again. He really doesn't deserve it.

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