Friday, August 28, 2009

Michelle's Birthday

It was Michelle's birthday yesterday, and it could have been better. She had just come off a 52.5 hour shift, and although she had slept, she was still tired. Also, they are moving today and expected the furniture van at 07h00. Richard was tired, also because of excessive shifts and all the hassle that goes with moving house. Sean and I were tired too. I had crashed out in the afternoon, but it was one of those ME sleeps that can't be resisted but do not make you feel any better for having them.

As we had arranged, we took them out to a Mexican restaurant that Michelle was wanting to try. We were right by a speaker that was playing music so loud that Michelle complained it was doing her head in. They turned it down a bit but there was lots of other background noise and it made me feel so unwell I had to go out and sit in a bus shelter for a while. The food was excellent, but I was too nauseous to eat mine so they kindly parcelled it up for me to take home. I think we would have enjoyed the evening more if we had all felt OK before we went. The restaurant was very nice and the waitress very attentive. Its just a pity that none of us was on good enough form to enjoy it as much as we could have done.

I have been thinking of her all day as today is Moving Day. I haven't phoned because it would just be intrusive on a busy day like today. I hope all goes well, but it probably won't. Its in the nature of moving. I'm sure she won't want to move again in a hurry.

At the Restaurant:




When we got home, Sean realised that he had lost his main wallet. It had no money in it but his credit cards and drivers licence were in there. He remembers having had it in his bank in Tonbridge at about 4.30, but doesn't know if he left it there or at home, the office or the supermarket. He has of course notified the bank, but even so, it is a huge hassle, as the present cards will have to be cancelled and new ones issued and the drivers licence re-applied for. What a nuisance! Poor Sean!!

And the rest of today:

Lisa came round and cut my hair, Nigel's hair, and trimmed Wendy's fringe. God Bless you. Lisa. What would we do without you? She is going to my Mum's house tomorrow to watch a DVD with her. Isn't that nice?



I'm absolutely beat now and am going to bed, feeling quite unwell. So unwell in fact, that I haven't even checked my emails for the last few days. There is such a backlog after our visit to France that I wonder if I will ever catch up with them.

OK, signing off now until I feel at least 30% human!!

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