Friday, August 28, 2009

Holiday Snaps

Caelyn and Nigel were on holiday in Middlesex last week. I loaned them my camera and here are some of their holiday snaps:

Wendy and Teresa Jayne on one of the rides. Actually, it is a posed photo. TJ is too young to go on a ride like that, but the man operating the machine allowed Caelyn to take the photo while he was helping other children in to their seats. She was taken off well before the machine started moving.

It occurs to me that I hate having to spell this sort of thing out, but in this snoopy day and age, it is necessary. In the UK, people are encouraged to report their neighbours for all sorts of things - dog fouling, littering, benefit fraud etc etc. Its a very 'Big Brother' society, and sure as eggs are eggs, if the wrong sort of person saw this photo, they'd reach for the phone to report us for child abuse or endangerment, without stopping to look closer and notice that the machine was stationary and that the photo was taken very close to the children so that if anything went wrong, the adult was right there. Here it is, after all that long schpiel:

Wendy,Teresa Jayne

This is a nice one of Nigel

Nigel,Teresa Jayne

Sean bought Wendy this dog, and he went everywhere with her


Lady Grin-a-lot

Teresa Jayne

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