Monday, July 13, 2009

Rest Well, Rachel

A 26yr old girl, Rachel, lost her short but intense battle with cancer.

Like hurting children everywhere, all she wanted was her Mum. Her Mum, Ann, did all she could, of course. Her husband, Rachel's dad Bernard, tried to spare Ann and worried that her strength would give out. Bernard and Ann have the support of their other two daughters, but its a hard time for all the family.

Rachel also leaves a little girl who now lives with her dad and stepmother. For some reason, they would not let the little girl see her mum while Rachel was still conscious, so she never got to say goodbye.

Tomorrow at 11am, she is being buried in a beautiful place. Her family have chosen THIS as a resting place for her.

May Rachel know true peace at last, and may all who mourn her be comforted.

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