Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mum off to SA for Rash of Birthdays.

Mum is off to South Africa today, and ironically she would be warmer here, as the average temperature of the place she is going to is around 15 degrees and recently our temperatures have been in the high 20s and lower 30s.

She isn't going for the weather, though. She is going now because her eldest grandson Nicolas is about to have his 21st birthday. Nicolas is my brother Paul's child. Paul has another son, Justin, who is having a birthday in July too. My mum has just had her birthday, and Paul's birthday is on the 21st. It hadn't occurred to me before now just how many people in the family are July babies. I really hope the celebrations will be wonderfully happy.

My daughter Caelyn, is a qualified beautician so they met at my house to 'defuzz' her before she goes. This photo shows Caelyn plucking Josie's eyebrows, baby Teresa Jayne on her lap and Wendy reading them her favourite book, The Tiger who came to Tea. I think it is a sweet family tableau.

After this, Wendy put some of her balloons in a shopping bag for my mum to take home. She loves balloons, so it is endearing for her to give some to her Gummi as a present.


I have been quite unwell and not up to much. I've had a lot to do and not enough rest, and I feel bad about not posting about the famous BBQ yet. But I will get round to it soon. It was such a lovely day, with family enjoyment across 4 generations and perfect weather. Everyone was blown away at how happy Stephen is, and we credit his wife Margaret for that. She is really sweet, very nice, and the best thing that has happened to Stephen in decades. We would like him to be geographically closer, but we wouldn't really wish him back here where things were so hard for him. He is flourishing with Margaret in Australia and we are delighted. It is absolutely right for him and whether they need it or not, they have my blessing.

The online photo album of their visit is HERE . If that doesn't work, this is the url

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