Sunday, July 19, 2009

Microwave Combination Ovens

I bought a Samsung Microwave with Grill in South Africa in the 90s, and it is still going strong. It was such a great oven that when they made a microwave/grill/convection oven, I saved up and bought one. From the very first use, I loved that oven. I had it repaired once, but when it gave up the ghost last year, it was an obsolete model that couldn't be repaired.

By this time, I was so used to having it that I made plans to get another one fast. I used it on its own because it uses much less electricity than the main oven, or if I was doing a big dinner for the family, it was great to have a second oven which could be relied on. The fan in the oven ensured that all was cooked evenly. I really missed it.

So, I bought a Kenwood combination to replace it. After a few weeks, it looked and sounded as if it was working but the food stayed cold and uncooked. So I took it back to Currys, who changed it for a Russell Hobbs, which worked for a while. On Friday night the glass turntable shattered while cooking, so Sean took it - and me - to Currys again. This time they asked me to choose what I wanted as a replacement, and I chose a Samsung. I had to pay in a bit more, but I believe it is worth it. For a start, the build is sturdier, and it is a lot quieter. So far, I am happy, and think that state of affairs will last a good while yet.

My mum has a Belling which had to be replaced as the turntable shattered during cooking. Caelyn's first one broke and had to be replaced. The replacement oven isn't cooking food properly any more, so she wants to change hers. All of us - my mum, Caelyn and I - know how to use these appliances, and I think that 100% of microwave combination oven owners in the family having to have a series of replacements suggests a problem. As evidence that we don't vandalise our stuff, the Samsung Micro/Grill, bought in the mid 90s followed us through numerous house moves and half way round the world and it is STILL working very well.

When I was in Currys yesterday, my suspicions were confirmed. The Bellings, Kenwoods and Russell Hobbs are all made by the same manufacturer. They all used to have such good names too. I hope Samsung aren't doing it, as I'm counting on many years of reliable use to come.

The new Samsung:

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