Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Evening

I had a day in bed yesterday, and am better but not brilliant today. Sean came to see me, and he went to pick up Wendy. We took her for Italian ice cream. She insisted on bringing her doll and doll's pushchair. On the way back, we went to play in the gardens. She had Sean playing Tigers and Catch Me and Hiding. He was exhausted when we took her home at 7pm. She had a jolly good run around so I hope she is tired enough to sleep well. Caelyn is tired because Teresa Jayne has been cranky all day.

Anyway, I got this beautiful photo of Wendy. It was a very lucky shot. I just happened to have the camera in my hand at the right moment. A lucky shot like this one is a rare blessing.


Here is a close up of it:

After taking her back home, we had dinner in the Gurkha Palace. It was up to their usual excellent standard. Last week we had tried to go there with Michelle and Richard, but there was a muddle over a booking so we had to go elsewhere. Tonight they were quiet - they usually are on a Sunday evening. They were glad we had come back and tried to press a free dinner on us. We refused on the grounds that we love the restaurant, like the people very much, and understand how the mix up happened. When they brought the bill, they had not charged us for drinks and we felt we should accept that graciously, so we did. We had a bottle of Perrier water, pineapple juice and Sean had two bottles of Stella Artois beer.

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