Saturday, June 13, 2009


Felt awful all day, and couldn't get up. My head aches; my throat is sore, I'm nauseous and desperately tired. I slept a lot of the day, not out of choice, but it was one of those "have to" sleeps that don't change anything or make anything better.

Caelyn and the kids conked out for a sleep this afternoon, and felt all the better for it. Teresa Jayne is only 4 weeks old, and Caelyn isn't over the birth complications yet. She also has yet another person disturbing her sleep, so I'm pleased that she managed to get some rest. She should accept Nigel's help more so that she can rest when the kids do. She hasn't slept through a night for years, and it takes its toll. Mothers of young children are in a permanent sleep deprived daze. I'm sure that if a burglar woke her at night, she'd take him to the toilet and offer him a feed and nappy change. After a while, you know that anyone who disturbs your sleep wants attention in one of two areas, and you learn to tend to those matters on automatic pilot without waking up fully.

Michelle is having some health issues and some ups and downs at work, so please spare a prayer for her.

My mother is doing well with her weight loss program and is, very rightly, feeling cock-a-hoop. Well done!

And I need some more sleep. I resent having to sleep when it doesn't do a blind bit of good, but its an irresistible force and I can't fight it.

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