Friday, March 06, 2009

Jack has gone to his Forever Home

Jack has Gone Home

Today, people came to say ‘goodbye’ to Jack. Caelyn and Nigel came. Jack was too weak to stand up and eat so Caelyn hand fed him a little minced roast chicken. Michelle and her boyfriend Richard came and my mother and a friend phoned with best wishes.

Michelle came to the Vet for my sake. Nigel drove us. It was a lady Vet we hadn’t seen before but she was so nice. She said Wednesday’s Vet, Matt had told her about Jack and that he was worried about the old chap, and said she thought we were right not to put him in the animal hospital as they could not help and it would only stress him out, and he didn’t deserve that.

She tried once for a vein in his front paw, but he was too dehydrated, so we laid him on his blanket and she slipped the needle under the skin of his belly. He was purring and kneading and we stroked him and kissed his cheek and talked lovingly to him. As the medicine took effect, he began snoring as he always did. It was so gentle and peaceful that Michelle was comforted and was glad she came. All of us managed to hold on to our emotions until after he went.

I am glad too that it was so easy on him, and I’m glad the Vet volunteered that it was the right time to let him go. He really wasn’t a well boy. I’m glad he had the chance to say goodbye and that he went with a tummy full of his favourite food, surrounded by people who loved him dearly and the Vet, Nurse and Receptionist who were so kind and professional. He wasn’t even frightened, just his usual loving laid back self, and he softly slipped away in his sleep.

Nigel took us home and then went to his house with Jack, who will be laid to rest in their garden. Michelle’s boyfriend Richard had stayed in my flat while we were out and he had hoovered throughout and put the washed dishes away and washed the kitchen floor. He has gone back to his house and will be coming back later with some supper for us.

People can be so kind.

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