Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New Baby Boy

At about 10 pm on Monday 12 December, Caelyn had a son. He weighs 2.3 kg or 5 lb 12 oz, and he and his mum are both well.

When they left for the hospital, Caelyn asked me to phone to say they were en route. The midwife said they would examine her but they had NO BEDS AVAILABLE.

Then I had a call from my mum & I was expecting her to say they were being sent to another hospital, but she very excitedly told me he had been born in his dads car!  Nigel pulled up to the ambulance bay and asked for help. They were just about to get a wheelchair but then realised there was no time, so the ambulance man delivered him there and then, in a howling gale and torrential rain. Mum phoned me as they were helping then inside after the delivery.

Congratulations to all concerned. I can't wait to see Wendy and Teresa when they are told their little brother arrived in the night!

God bless them, every one!

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