Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Eventful Arrival of the New Boy

My daughter Caelyn went into labour last night when the weather was at its worst. The wind buffeted the car so much her husband couldn't get there fast enough & she said she had to push, so Nigel pulled into the ambulance bay of William Harvey. He called to the ambulance crew. When they came over, they could see his head.

A doctor & midwife came running. Caelyn was on the back seat of the car & the medical staff had to stand in the wind and rain to deliver him. They got soaked. As soon as he was born, they wrapped him up & took him in out of the weather, then the ambulance crew put Caelyn on a trolley to take her in.

Mother and baby are both well, and already the talk of the ward, with staff popping in specially to see him. They are due to be discharged later today.

In view of the circumstances of his birth, a special name is called for, but we can't think of one. His sisters can't wait to meet him.

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