Saturday, May 07, 2011

A New Addition

Finlay, the little wire haired dachshund, belonged to Marion. She has been very ill and she was bereaved last year and she couldn't cope with him, so he went to stay with Caelyn to give Marion some respite. He fitted into their lives beautifully, and loved cuddling up to Teresa when she slept.  He loved the kids playing with him and was very good with them.  Also, he and Caelyn's dog, Belle, got on very well together.

Then Marion having been nagged by her inner chatterbox all about DUTY decided to let him come home. But it didn't work. He doesn't get on with Abbey, Marion's other dog, and Benny's best friend. Marion tried and tried but Finlay was miserable and pining for Caelyn and the kids. He kept running towards kids on the Leas and was dejected when they weren't Wendy or Teresa. She would take him for a walk and he would pull on the lead to go to my house.

Marion's heart broke and she decided to give him to Caelyn. She will remain responsible for his Vet bills - he is old - and his food. Caelyn said she couldn't and wouldn't take him back unless it was permanent because she and the kids couldn't handle it and it would be fair on nobody. With a heavy heart, Marion agreed. She has given him to Caelyn because she loves the silly dog even though he drives her up the wall. He was very much her Peter's dog. Its so sad. But he loves being with Caelyn and the kids so Marion acted in his best interest even though she hated doing it. Poor Marion! Sometimes the choices we have to make in life are very difficult. Here he is with Caelyn, who is sad because she feels Marion's pain.


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