Saturday, April 02, 2011


My mum's dog Whoopie is staying with me while my mum is away.  She has settled in beautifully.  She is my shadow and comes to sit wherever I am sitting.  She is such a gentle little girl, and she seems very happy.  She is now demanding pats and affection and sat on my lap at Marion's house yesterday. She also comes when she is called and Benny still doesn't do that!

Another thing that has surprised me is that she is initiating games.  She jabs at Benny with her paw and they have a great game.  She even plays with Marion's dog Abbey.  Frankly, this is far more than I had hoped.  She had been such a fearful little dog who stayed only in one place, but she is really happy now.  I'm going to post some photos an I hope to find one of her doing her gummy grin!

Patiently waiting outside Sainsburys
Benny and Whoopie playing with Abbey

Dogs playing in Marion's garden


Look at Benny's face!

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