Saturday, April 02, 2011

Kid Stuff

I can't believe a whole month has passed since I last updated the Blog.  I have been busy - for me - with the attendant loss of function that brings.  My mother asked me to keep the Blog updated because she is overseas and wants to be able to catch up.

First, Wendy.  She has seen the paediatrician who is "worried but not very worried".  Caelyn has to keep a log of symptoms and take Wendy back for follow up in 3 months.  My own view of it is that this started just after she started school.  She was only 4 years old, and to be in school from 08h30 to 3pm is simply too much for such a young child. New stresses can weaken resistance to opportunistic infections so the first bug hit her hard and made her susceptible to any new bug coming along.  And the winter was hard, very grey and very cold, lots of snow.  I don't think children as young as 4 should be going to school anyway, and starting school in the dark days of winter is also a bad idea.  I think her health will pick up now she can get out in the sun.  She is also on a good multivitamin syrup.

Teresa Jayne has another molar and is starting to potty train herself.  She asks to go to the toilet before she soils her nappy and she insists on not wearing a nappy at home.  She is very cute, and starting to sleep through the night.

Caelyn has passed her course and will get her official results in June.  It may be possible for her to do Level 3.  They weren't going to offer it in Folkestone but there was so little interest in doing it in Ashford that they have changed their minds.  There is no way Caelyn could take Wendy to school, drop Teresa off at my house and then get to Ashford for 09h30.  Nothing is final yet; I'm just saying it looks as if it might be possible.  Several people want to do the course but we have to wait for official notice.

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