Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giff Gaff mobile phone network.

I've come across a very much cheaper network called GiffGaff, and it runs on the O2 network.  As most of us aren't too flush, I thought I'd post about it.  My family is still in the discussion phase, but we probably will decide to change in a couple of months.  If we chose the £10 Goody Bag, we'd get 250 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited internet, plus unlimited calls and texts to other family members on GiffGaff, so it looks very tempting.
It's a sim only network and you can either do a plain top up or buy a 'goody bag' but in either case there are unlimited free calls and texts to other people on GiffGaff.  You have to use your own handset, and a phone that is locked to O2 will work on GiffGaff without being unlocked. They also supply mini-Sims for iPhone 4.  The internet is not fair-use-policy; it really is unlimited.
Giff Gaff home page

Giff Gaff prices and info, all you need to know about costs (including International calls and texts. Scroll down to see comparison tables)
GiffGaff bible
Earn money with GiffGaff
Other info:
You can top up with an O2 voucher as it is on the O2 network
If you top up once every 3 months, you get unlimited calls and texts to others on GiffGaff
You can top up and pay for calls and texts at a cheap rate, but you can also buy a 'bundle', called a goody bag.
Freephone calls 0800, 0808, 0500 are free on GiffGaff. (info on pricing page)

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