Thursday, November 18, 2010

Way to go Woozle!!

Our little Wendy Woozle started Big School in September, and she has already won 9 House Points.  When they have 10, it is announced at Assembly.  She can already read a few words, but Caelyn phoned me up with great excitement, joy and pride to tell me something that she was so proud of that she wanted me to put it here on the Blog.

The great news is that today's House Point was awarded for handwriting.  That is particularly great because little Wendy is left handed!  Her Auntie Michelle who is also left handed has been helping her in a way that we can't.  And Wendy has taken it all on board and is learning very fast.  This is really happy news.  Well done, Wendy.  We are all very, very proud of you!

Here is our precious little 4yr old sitting between Great Grandma Josie and Auntie Michelle:


Please note blonde Benny's nose in the picture. He is always in the thick of all the action, especially where kids and food are involved.

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