Sunday, October 03, 2010

My Daughters

Michelle has been badly hit by a really grotty bug.  She seemed to feel better for a while yesterday, but it didn't last.  She has been really bad again all day today.

Caelyn's children both have Measles.  Caelyn isn't well either, and she is exhausted with looking after them, doing her college work, her Maths course, getting up at night with the kids and trying to keep the household running.

My mother has had a bug and although she is getting over it, it was particularly virulent, and she has no energy for anything.

Sean wasn't ill but wasn't himself yesterday.  He is still tying himself in knots with worry about his daughter's health.  To say that he is "agonising" over it would not be putting it too strongly.

So it seems everyone is sick except me.  And I have M.E and haven't been too well myself lately.  I haven't picked up since going to the Races at Bath.  It took more out of me than I anticipated, even with being careful about resting.  We are lucky though in that for most of the year, we are all fine within our limits and health status.  Things like measles come into every life and just have to be dealt with.  What else can you do?

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