Sunday, October 03, 2010

My Benny Boy

Benny was naughty today and followed the cat out of the window.  It opens onto an area you can't get out of, and as it was the second time he has done it today, I left him there for a while to teach him a lesson.  I went and made a cup of tea and when I went back to the lounge, I realised it had been raining!  He wasn't very wet because he wasn't out there for very long, and I felt really bad when I leaned through the window to pull him back in.  I gave him some chicken, which was stupid because he will think he is rewarded for going out of the window.  But I felt so sorry for him when I realised it was raining.

He is bored because my M.E really isn't too good at the moment so I've not been able to take him out as much s he would like, and Michelle has a nasty bug too.  Yesterday Marion picked him up on the way to the park with her dogs, Abbey and Finn.  Benny and Abbey love playing together and chase around like lunatics.  Finn is older and more sedate, and Caelyn lost her heart to him.

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