Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Measles Update

Caelyn's family saw the Dr after surgery last night.  He said that it is not measles.  He said he had seen measles before, and although the children have a viral infection, it isn't measles.  Well, that certainly must be a relief from a Public Health perspective.

Caelyn was relieved that the hospital had written to the Dr about it either being measles or Slapped Cheek (which is a from of parvovirus) so she didn't feel foolish.  The trouble is, the kids had all the symptoms and the rash was exactly as pictured on Wikipedia  (See HERE) and older people who saw a lot of measles before the vaccine was developed are quite sure that it was measles.  It doesn't matter one way or the other for our kids who are essentially healthy, but if the diagnosis is mistaken, there could be problems, so I hope the Dr is right.

Anyway, the children are on the mend, and that is good news.

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