Saturday, September 18, 2010

Benny was Attacked

Michelle loves taking Benny out for his last walk at night. But last night she came running home, calling out to me that there was an emergency, that Benny had been attacked. He had blood in several places, and his left eye was swollen and bloodshot. Michelle was in a terrible shocked state too.

He had been set upon by two dogs who were running loose and not on a lead. Benny was on his lead as he hasn't yet learned to come when called. The dogs ran up to Benny, and as they were running, their owner began running too. He obviously knew what his dogs were like. They both attacked Benny. Michelle was caught unawares as she knows Benny loves playing with other dogs. They got him by the throat and he was bitten on three of his legs. His left eye is swollen and he was having periods of struggling for breath.

We gave him Rescue Remedy for the shock and cleaned his wounds with warm salty water. He chased after the cat, Spikky, and had some food and water. He is OK this morning. Thank God!

He has got his bounce back, but I'm still worried about his eye. He has periorbital swelling and there has been a bleed into the conjunctiva. We may take him to the Vet on Monday. Michelle and I were in town today and we went past the place where the attack happened, and there was a substantial amount of dried blood there. Judging by Benny's injuries, it probably came from the other dog because Benny wasn't bleeding actively when Michelle got him home.

He is insisting on keeping either Michelle or I in his sights, and he is a bit clingy, but I'm sure he will get over it completely soon. He's such a sweetie.

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