Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Benny goes to School

Last night, Michelle took Benny to Dog Training for the first time.
She said she was embarrassed because all Benny wanted  to do was sniff the other dogs and track them before trying to get them to play with him.  He was nervous of an English Bulldog and a Labrador and rolled over and submitted to them.

Schipperkes aren't very well known in the UK so I was surprised to hear that one of the ladies there 'knew' Schipperkes, although she had only ever seen them in Black.  Someone else said to me that they look completely different in Gold, and I suppose they do.

Before next week, we have to teach him to
Down and

Don't ask me how to do that.  He is going to Doggy School precisely because we don't know how to do that.  My big priority is that he MUST learn to come when he is called.  As things are now, we don't dare to let him off the lead and that means he can't play with other dogs, and he loves doing that.  Being attacked by two dogs on Friday night hasn't put him off.  He and his friend Abbey the Shi Tzu had a great game of chase yesterday.

Benny is still technically a puppy, and the other dogs in the class had been in Doggy School for a while.  He is bright and keen to please, so he will learn quickly.  Its not Benny who is the problem; its us.  We don't know how to teach him.

But we do know how to love him ...

Here he is with his mate Woozle, who has also just started school.

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