Friday, September 17, 2010

Benny, bright and beautiful

Benny is such a happy little dog and he has an air of exuberance.
Today he went to visit his friend, Abbey, a Shi Tzu, and they had wild and energetic games of chase.

This is Abbey.  Don't be deceived by her placid, innocent appearance.  She's a whirlwind on four legs!  She's such a sweetie, and she and Benny have enormous pleasure playing with each other.


Brakkie always stole sicks.  He was such a menace for it that June, his previous owner, tried to hide her socks in her washing machine.  He would open the machine and steal those socks.  Well, Benny has a thing for socks too.  And shoes, and dolls, and wires, and slippers etc etc.  But there is a difference between him and Brakkie.

Brakkie would have 13 or 14 odd socks scattered outside my bedroom door.  Benny, on the other hand, finds odd socks and pairs them up!  We have loads of black socks, so him getting a pair of black socks would just be a coincidence.  But Benny hasn't been stealing black socks; he has been going for the much more rare grey socks, and he finds them and pairs them up and puts them into the kitchen.

There is another clever thing he does.  My bed is very high, and he can't jump up that high.  So he was opening the drawers of the bedside table to try to use them as steps for him to climb up.  That is clever by any reckoning.

So - he's a clever, bright boy, who loves to please.  Just as well, because he starts school on Monday evening.  Michelle will take him.  He is going to learn to be a Good Dog, and hopefully and most importantly, to come when he is called.  He loves playing with other dogs, but we dare not let him off the lead as he just doesn't come when he is called when he is having fun, and he has absolutely no road sense whatsoever.

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