Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Shock in Margaret's Holiday from Hell

I was shocked today when I heard that Margaret had money stolen in hospital.  I was speaking to a Policeman investigating the case.  There were two thefts, probably not connected.

When she was admitted on Saturday night, I left a Catherine Cookson novel with her.  It was in my handbag as it was lightweight and I hate waiting with nothing to read.  Inside the back cover, I wrote names addresses and telephone numbers for her.  She apparently put money in the book, which disappeared.

She was transferred from AAU to a ward on Monday.  Her wallet was found to be empty, and it had notes of three currencies in it - Sterling, US Dollars and Canadian Dollars.  I have no idea what amount of money we are talking about, but I am appalled.  This poor woman - this must be the Holiday from Hell itself.

She comes on holiday and gets admitted to hospital on Day One.  The illness is serious, the hospital building old fashioned and dingy, she knows no one here, her boyfriend buggers off to France for a party, doctors can't get to the bottom of her medical condition and finally her money gets stolen!  It is truly appalling!  When is this lady going to have a break?  She has asked for none of this, and nobody deserves all she has suffered since being here.  I wouldn't blame her if she never wanted to set foot out of Canada ever again.

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