Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Benny has a Friend

Benny is used to living in a household with lots of other dogs.  He gets bored here, especially when my health dictates I should be in bed for days at a time.  The cat won't play with him, and the grandchildren can't come every day.

Last week we met a lady with two small dogs.  One of them, a year old Shi Tzu called Abbey, is very playful, but her owner also has M.E and can't walk her or play with her as much as Abbey would like.  There is a much older, quieter dog in the household and he can't keep up with Abbey either.

But Benny and Abbey love playing together.  They run around playing Tag at top speed.  Benny did a Long Jump right over her yesterday.  It's good for both of them.

Here is sweet little Abbey:

And my Benny:

See the cows hoof he is chewing? It's one of his main 'treasures' but he let Abbey chew it for a while yesterday.

Both these dogs, plus Caelyn's and my Mum's dog start Dog Training in Capel in September. They have a separate class for small dogs. The training is recognised by the Kennel Club, and costs £2.50 a month. If my mother will give us a lift and we give her petrol money, it is easier all round.

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