Friday, August 27, 2010

More on Margaret

Sean and I went to visit Margaret in hospital last night.  She looked better pink than grey.

They did a sigmoidoscopy today and confirm that there is no lesion in the lower intestinal tract, but there was a pool of blood there, so she is to have a colonoscopy tomorrow.  They gave her another 4 units of blood today, and her heart hasn't been normal - she has had atrial fibrillation.

I managed to find her brother in Toronto on Google and I spoke to his wife to tell her what had happened.  Margaret is having a hard time with being seriously ill in a land where she knows no one.  I can only assume that T is enjoying his Party in France.
Sean went again to see her tonight, and he worries that she will feel abandoned as he has to go to France for the long weekend.  I have lent her my spare mobile so she can at least call me.  We have spoken on the phone quite a bit.  She just wants to be patched up sufficiently to enable her to get on a plane and go home to her own doctors in a familiar place and where she has family and friends to support her.

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