Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fascinating Blog

The Insomniac Almanac has some fascinating posts on it and it discusses the influence of the moon, snoring, sleepwalking, sleep apnoea, types of insomnia and the like.

Here is the link : and I recommend my fellow insomniacs take a look.  I've had trouble sleeping since childhood and knowing that you haven't had enough sleep causes no end of worry.  Will I function at school?  during exams?  at work?  while driving?

I very often have far too little sleep.  Last night, for instance.  I was awake until gone 04h30 but was up cleaning the kitchen by 09h00.  I no longer worry about it though, and the lack of worry is good for me.  After a certain point of exhaustion, good old Mamma Nature kicks in and shuts you down so that you will sleep.  Insomnia can't last indefinitely, and besides, you can always catch up on your sleep in the Old Age Home when you get there!

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