Monday, August 02, 2010

Doggy Tales

Don't worry if this makes you confused, because it is a confusing tale.

Caelyn and Nigel have a dog called Denim. He is an elderly Patterdale terrier, who used to belong to an old couple. The old man died and his widow had to have a double hip replacement so she couldn't look after him properly. That is how Caelyn and Nigel came to have him. He is 13 years old and has rheumatism or some such painful joint thing. Last week he went for the baby, Teresa Jayne. Fortunately there was a baby gate separating them so he couldn't do much damage. All she had done was to pat his back through the baby gate.

My mother Josie was going to get a Shih Tzu on Saturday. Little Belle was born a month after Teresa Jayne. She lived with kids, but a new baby was expected, and the husband didn't want their new baby to be exposed to dog hair, so they wanted to rehome her. She is just over a year old.

When Belle came, my mum thought that Belle would become old before her time if she kept her, so she has Denim and Caelyn has Belle, who is enjoying the children. Denim is behaving like an angel at Josie's house. He had bitten Caelyn before, but after him biting the baby, Caelyn doesn't trust him any more. She also feels it would be cruel to confine him to the kitchen and garden.

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