Sunday, August 15, 2010

Different sort of Weekend

Caelyn, Nigel and the children have gone camping with a group of friends. Even though it is cold and wet, they are having a good time. They went to Dover Castle yesterday. I wonder how Wendy felt when she didn't find a Princess there. According to her, the only reason to have a castle is so that Princesses can live in them.

Michelle has gone to stay at their house to look after their animals.

Sean is in le Puys, and today was to have had lunch with Bishop Brincard and the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris. That will really tickle him pink!

So, I'm alone this weekend, and what a blissful solitude it is! I need periods of silence and seclusion to replenish myself. I get awfully tetchy if I go for too long without some good quality peace and quiet. I can feel it doing me good.

Alas, its all too boring for Benny. I've taken him out twice today, both for quite long periods, and he was still bouncing around up until 10 minutes ago. Like Brakkie before him, he has his loot piled up in the passage, but unlike Brakkie, Benny does not restrict himself to socks. Socks, yes, but also shoes, slippers, soft toys, shredded paper, plastic scissors and all sorts. He leaves them in the perfect place to trip you up.

But he is really very sweet and lovable. When he was naughty tonight, I told him I would tell Sean about his misdemeanors. As if that would do anything! Sean is silly about that dog. Of all the sensible dog breeds out there, his O'Connorship has to fall for a Schipperke!

My Beautiful Benny Boy

Brakkie and Benny

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