Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michelle, Sausages and Supper

After I got my scooter back from the garage, I went to Lidl to get their 'Special' on Pet Paraphernalia.  I also got some beef and pork there.  Went home tuckered out and told Michelle I needed a rest before making dinner.  I fell into a deep sleep, and was woken by Lisa popping round to arrange to cut my hair before she goes into hospital to have an operation on her knee.

Lisa is coming to stay with me for a while post op because she won't be up to weight bearing on that leg for quite a while.  Luckily I hadn't put the small scooter away, and I taught her to drive it today so that she can use it while she is all bandaged up and unable to walk too well.

When she went, Michelle and I made sausages with the beef and pork I got at Lidl.  We want to follow recipes from around the world, but we also want to experiment with making sausages with what we have available so we can see what works and what is best avoided.


Michelle did most of it.  I put the machine together.  She mixed up the spices and ground the meat.  Then she operated the machine while I was catching the sausage meat in the casings.  She then cooked the sausages while I went out to buy hot dog rolls, and that is what we had for dinner.  The sausages tasted good too, and it was fun doing it with Michelle.


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