Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marmite Trick to get your Cat to take her medicine

My daughter had to take her cat Poppy to the Vet yesterday. She has cystitis and is on antibiotics. They saw an American vet, and he told her how to give Poppy her pills.

He said that all cats love marmite, so you crush a pill and make a paste by
adding marmite. Then you smear it on the front of her paws or on her mouth
by her whiskers. The cat hates being dirty and loves marmite, so she will
lick it off as she washes herself.

I asked Caelyn if it worked, and she said it worked very well.
I would have thought marmite would be too salty, but I am not a vet.
I suppose the same thing would work with Shiphams too, although the
vet said marmite worked better than tuna.

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