Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sausage Making Machine has Arrived

The sausage making machine I ordered has arrived.  I've unpacked it (but not assembled it - it will have to wait until we don't have the worry of Brakkie's illness).  On first inspection, it seems an excellent choice.  It is heavy, sturdy and very solidly built.

Having M.E, a good cast iron hand grinder isn't an option, although I would have preferred it because it would never break and could be used anywhere whether there was electricity or not.

I chose this one because it has an 1800W motor and the rest had motors of about 550W.  I don't know whether this is still true - I will have to consult my son in law - but it used to be so that cars with more powerful engines broke down less because they didn't have to strain so much in difficult conditions.  A mobility scooter repair man told me that as far as scooters go, the bigger the better.  I know hand blenders with a pathetic 300W are just annoying and I use a 700W one.  I just extended my theory principle to this CuisinPro 3 speed Turbo meat grinder.  I don't want to have to buy another one.

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