Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Lisa

Lisa has been a special friend since 1997.  She has a heart as big as a bucket, and she is a real sweetie.  She is the lady who does my hair, and was the one who took me out on my first outings in a wheelchair in 2002.   I had been bedbound then housebound for a long time, and I can still remember the buzz of feeling the wind in my hair, sun on my face and mixing with normal people doing normal things that I had almost forgotten about. It was a heady feeling and it was so wonderful that I'm happy whenever I think about it even after all this time.

That wheelchair did me a jolly good turn when I needed it.  I borrowed the first one from the Red Cross and it helped so much that I got one of my own.  I don't use the wheelchair any more as I have two electric mobility scooters, but I'm still grateful for it's usefulness and the way it built up confidence.  When I first tried to go out before having the wheelchair, I would get a few yards then collapse onto the nearest wall or bench, and I would be too ill to use my mobile phone to call for help.  It was frightening because I couldn't understand what people were saying and I couldn't talk coherently either.  So you can imagine how scary the thought of going out became.  The wheelchair really helped to remove the fear and let me enjoy being a part of the human race again. 

A nicer person than Lisa you couldn't hope to meet, and I love her to bits.  In fact, the whole family does.  So I'm glad I got a nice one of her and Teresa Jayne :


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