Monday, June 07, 2010

The Brak

Brakkie hasn't been well.  His skin is raw red, his hair is falling out and he has what looks like dandruff, he is lethargic, irritable, drinking loads and off his food.  So I took him to the Vet today. He has a temperature, and he is miserable.

The skin problem looks like an allergy with a bacterial/yeast overgrowth according to the Vet.  She gave him a steroid injection and a special antibacterial/antifungal shampoo to use on him twice a week.  It has to be left on for 10 minutes before rinsing, and I can tell you that he will hate it and it won't be easy.  

I usually use Drontal to deworm him, but there was another brand 'on Special' last month so I tried it, and we think he may be allergic to it.  I gave Caelyn some for her dog and he hasn't reacted badly.  We can't prove it was the other dewormer that caused the problem, but he started to show symptoms of discomfort a day or two after he had it, and he has had no other 'new' thing in his life.  For caution sake, I will put him back on Drontal, because he has never had a problem with that.

Here he is cuddled up with Frog, his favourite treasure.


I have been really upset about his being unwell.  I don't mind sickness in humans as I'm a qualified nurse and I know what to do.  There is no scary 'mystery' involved in human ailments for me.  It really upsets me when my animals are ill because I know nothing about Veterinary medicine and I always fear the worst.  They can't tell me what is wrong, and animals try to hide their sickness symptoms because being ill makes them vulnerable to predators or being turned out of the herd or pack.  So there are good survival reasons for hiding ailments.  So of course that means that we only notice they are unwell when it has reached quite an advanced stage.  Brakkie is getting on in years and I was terrified that he might have had to be put to sleep.

We have a reprieve for now.  Thank God!

PS/  Ellen the Vet remembers my mum's cat, Jenny, with affection.  She said what a nice cat she was.  She said she still has mum's details on file, and she will phone her when she hears of a Siamese or Oriental in Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary.  She said they are careful who they let that type of cats go to because their personalities are very different to other breeds.  I thought it was very nice of her to remember Jenny so kindly.  She also knows that my mum looked after Jenny very well and that she understands the Siamese/Oriental temperament.

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