Friday, June 18, 2010

Brak at Lord Whisky

We took Brak to the Lord Whisky Animal Hospital yesterday.  The Vet thought he was in a very bad way, and she did a blood test which showed something serious wrong with the liver.  She also thought he was in pain and offered to put him to sleep straight away or to give him pain control and steroids and reconsider after 24 hours.

We opted for the steroids and analgesics because the steroids have helped him before.  They don't like doing that unless they know that kidney function is OK because it damages them further. When we got home, he couldn't walk and had to be carried into the house, and I thought it was hopeless.  After a while, I took a phone call in the kitchen, and he came to find me in there!  This, after not having been strong enough to walk half an  hour previously!  He sniffed at Spikky's food bowl, so I offered him some ham and he wolfed it down and asked for more.

Later, he asked to go out to answer a call of nature.   And when we decided I should go out for more ham, he wanted to come with me.  This is the dog who hadn't shown even the smallest stirring of interest and who hadn't eaten for days.  An almost miraculous improvement.

So what I think I will do is talk to the Folkestone Vets and ask them to give me steroids and pain control to keep him happy for just a little longer.  Let him have a couple more days or weeks of being loved and spoiled, of enjoying the gardens and coming out on the scooter.  Steroids can't cure him.  His liver is a big problem, and the vet suspects cancer.  I won't have him suffer.  When the steroids magic no longer works, he will have to be put to sleep.  But a few more happy days in the sun?  With ham?  And lots of love and companionship?  It seems worth it, even if it is to be only a short while.  He was scampering last night, just as he used to. I'd like his last days to be filled with joy, and to end them gently when it becomes necessary.

He was OK here, blending in with Sean's kitchen couch.

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