Thursday, May 06, 2010

Prayer and Perseverence

My mother has had a weight problem for many years, and she has tried various diets and protein shakes, with no lasting effect. Then she prayed and asked God to help her overcome her need to eat for comfort. Since then, she has not dieted but has successfully lost a lot of weight, just by changing the way she eats.

Here are two photos so you can see how well she has done:

From this:


To This:


She isn't starving herself. As you can see, she is enjoying a small helping of ice cream in a cone. She eats less and chooses healthier food, and she finds that she doesn't want to binge any more. She eats what she needs, and because she isn't on a 'diet' she can choose to have a food treat if she feels like it, and so doesn't feel deprived.

When I have dieted, I can be 'good' for ages, but I feel miserable when I think I'll have to eat lettuce every day for ever and ever, and have no more cheese, buttery baked potato, warm crusty bread, pasta, Sunday roast, mashed potato, gravy, apple crumble and custard ... Just grilled fish and salad with no dressing. Who can face living like that for the rest of their days? That is what I mean by 'feeling deprived'. It doesn't work because sooner or later you will be so fed up that you will eat a whole lot of 'forbidden' things, then think your diet is too restrictive and give it up. But changing the way you eat is another matter entirely. I have lost 17kg by doing it using the advice my successful mother gave me.

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