Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lib Dems .... nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a TV debate between Cameron, Clegg and Brown last week. David Cameron is the leader of the Conservatives and is often referred to as 'Call me Dave' after he said that in an interview. Gordon Brown or McBroon is the current Labour Prime minister, and Nick Clegg is leader of the Liberal Democrats. Clegg spoke so well during the TV debate that the Lib Dems are leading the polls by quite a long way. Their usual position is stone last and they haven't been in Government for decades, and there are good reasons for that.

There was a cartoon in one of the papers of a woman saying to her husband "don't you use that reasonable Nick Clegg tone with ME!" The lead has sparked off a lot of reaction, especially as McBroon and Call Me Dave are both wooing Clegg and publicly agreeing with him. The Lib Dems really mustn't get into power. They don't even know what they believe in themselves. You'd have to go a long way to meet a bunch even half as confused as them.

Remember the Lib Dems here in Shepway shutting the public lavatories? A whole roomful of councillors, all with bladders and bowels of their own, had to meet up to take that decision. Kids, pregnant women and the elderly can't wait. When they've gotta go, they've gotta go. Its not rocket science, and surely a simple fact of life like that can't have escaped a whole roomful of them? What were they thinking?

And they stopped cutting the grassy verges so that, when the grass grew long, people couldn't see approaching traffic, and that is especially dangerous at roundabouts.

And at the same time they decided on closing the public conveniences, they asked for an extortionate increase in Council Tax, claiming that the nasty Conservatives had taken all the money. As an excuse, it was pretty feeble.

If they can cause all that chaos and misery in Shepway in such a short time, God help us if they ever get in to Westminster. Terrifying thought. The mind boggles!

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