Saturday, April 24, 2010

It could be tomorrow

I had an email from my mum this morning. She has contacted her airline and expects to be on a flight tonight. The airline said that the flight will be full and I'm sure it will be. I won't count chickens before they hatch though. We will have to be sure before we say a word to Wendy. Wendy has been missing Josie a lot and doesn't understand why she can't get in her car and come and visit her.

When she goes away, Josie writes a load of postcards and gives them to Caelyn for them to "appear" on the doormat regularly, and that helps. This time they have spoken on Skype as well. They certainly enjoyed it, but there is one problem. Wendy can see Josie and hear her and doesn't understand that she is too far away to get in her car and come and visit her. When Josie said she was too far away, she asked if the car was broken, because her daddy could fix it. Or her daddy could come and get Gummi. Or she could get a bus. It was interesting to see how her mind was working on solving the transport problem.

It will be such a relief for her when she sees Josie again, but she might be sulky and unsure at first, needing coaxing and reassurance.

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